As easy as grooming.

Treatment you can learn to help improve the performance of yourself and your horse with a little training.

Tina Roscoe DC, MCA Chiropracter

Does your horse exhibit any of these symptoms?

• Buck
• Head shake
• Drag hind toes
• Stumble
• Flinch or dip when girthed or saddled up
• Lean on a fence / wall
• Weight one or more legs
• Favour one rein over the other

Many of the above symptoms may be caused by physical problems which when found can often easily be treated by you, the owner without resorting to expensive vet or, dare we say, our chiropractor expenses!

What many people perceive as “behavioural” issues in their horse, can actually be resolved by relatively easy to learn hands on methods.

With the benefit of over 17 years of Chiropractic practice, we have a specially designed tool to assist with the application of the treatments which also removes the stress on you so owners of almost any age can learn and improve the welfare of your horses back.

Back problem or joint mal-position, strains, sprains and niggles

You can learn how to find these niggles, aches and pains which can limit your horse’s performance long before a back problem arises. As well as standard Chiropractic treatments, Tina Roscoe offers 1-to-1 training and group workshops in the UK, Ireland and in Spain which can empower you to treat your horse before and after each ride or hack thus improving both you and your horse’s enjoyment of time spent together.

Tina Roscoe has presented seminars to both fellow therapists and vets and has appeared on Spanish television treating horses using the specially designed Fascial Edge tool which is the focus of the DVD, teaching notes and workshops. Please watch the short video below which shows some of the treatments in action or see The Training page for more information on both the workshops and The Fascial Edge Tool Package itself.

Human Treatment

As if improving your horse’s health isn’t enough, you can actually use the tool and the techniques on yourself or your friends as well. The principals that you learn from the Training DVD and Training Notes are as valid for humans as they are for horses, for example to work on the Trapesius trigger points and on adhesions in the Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) and Iliotibial band (I.T.).

Here are some examples of the tool being used on a human patient.

The Fascial Edge Tool Package

In order to provide you with the tools, method overviews and knowledge required to gain the benefits for your horse, we have developed the Fascial Edge Tool Package.

The Fascial Edge Tool Package can be used independently from any of our workshop or 1-to-1 training sessions for simpler complaints and includes the following items:

• Training DVD
• Training Notes (including muscle diagrams and clinical explanatory notes)
• The Fascial Edge Tool

Once you have ordered and received The Fascial Edge Tool Package you will quickly be able to use the methods and treatments described in the Training Notes and Training DVD to resolve any symptoms your horse exhibits. Regular use of your newly learned skills will ensure that your horse is in perfect shape and therefore enjoys their time spent with you even more.

Please see the short video below which shows the Fascial Edge Tool in action with some simple examples of how it can be used.

As you can see from the above video, the methods are relatively easy to apply once the initial training has been completed. We can provide hands on workshops (either group or 1-to-1) or alternatively, we publish a Training DVD with Training Notes which, can easily teach you how to treat your horse.

If you would like more information on the easy to learn methods we can teach you then please send us a message via the Contact Us page. We also work with numerous horse yards both in the UK and Spain offering hands on day courses.