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Tina Roscoe DC, MCA

As a UK trained and registered Chiropractor specialising in Equine techniques, Tina has over 19 years experience and has spent 14 years running clinics in Pembrokeshire, England plus the last 7 years in Spain.

Tina has been instrumental in the research and design that has led not only to the production of the Fascial Edge Tool itself but also the teaching and training techniques that make up the Fascial Edge Tool Package and deliver such worthwhile benefits.

She has presented seminars to vets and fellow professionals and appeared on Spanish television working with horses, demonstrating the techniques and tools used to improve the animals health.

Tina is also experienced in Cranio Sacral work , Graston Technique, Reiki and medical acupuncture.

Whilst Tina is currently based in Spain, she regularly visits the UK and Ireland to deliver workshops and private treatments and has numerous connections within the Equine arena.

To arrange a 1-to-1 treatment session, a workshop, or to discuss how The Fascial Edge Tool Package and accompanying training can benefit you and your horse, please contact us using any of the methods below.

Alternatively, you can email Tina direct at info@horseandriderbackpain.com

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Tina Roscoe DC, MCA
T: (Spain) +34 648 856 119
T: (UK) +44 1646 601 544 (c/o Kim Davies)
E: info@horseandriderbackpain.com

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