The Training

The Fascial Edge Tool Package

Workshops and 1-to-1 teaching

To accompany The Fascial Edge Tool Package (see below for details), we offer training workshops and 1-to-1 sessions either in the UK or in Spain (see accommodation links).

We can also coordinate with your own stables to deliver tailored teaching to suit the needs of yourself and other owners.

1-to1 sessions are particularly useful if your horse has a specific problem that you would like to concentrate on.

The length of the workshops and 1-to-1 sessions can vary to suit the needs of the audience.

Why not ask the owner of your stables to contact us to discuss scheduling a workshop?

The Fascial Edge Tool

This tool has been specifically designed to make working with soft tissue less stressful to the therapist’s own hands and fingers. The shape of the tool allows the different massage and treatment methods to be applied with the use of the different parts of the tool itself.

It makes it very easy to be thorough, reaching deep and vital tissue planes whilst minimising your effort. It’s broad edges cover the large muscular mass of the horse easily finding and treating the smallest adhesions and trigger points.

And interestingly, this is not a new device. In fact, similar tools were bought by the Roman army!!

Enhanced neurological effects

The tool stimulates proprioceptors in the skin and fascial layers which affect muscle length and so improves joint range of movement.

Similar to acupuncture treatments, it stimulates the nerve endings and central nervous system mediated pain modulation… thus giving welcome pain relief!

As first shown by Cyriax, the mechanical stimulation (prolotherapy) increases the fibroblastic activity… breaking down adhesions and initiating a new repair process.

It is also possible to reach periosteal insertions to maximise treatment effect with the specifically shaped ends and edges of the tool.

Key benefits of using the tool

• It makes the most of your skills as a practitioner and saves your own fingers and thumbs
• It is easy to learn to use, the long curves are similar to ulnar ridge of our arms (used in many massage techniques)
• The narrow end is similar to the thumb for pressure and release techniques
• The wider end is similar to shape of our elbow and great for osteopathic elbow techniques

The Graston Technique ® had become very popular in the United States where various tools made of stainless steel have been used with great benefit. Our tool is made of aluminium and is therefore lighter and easier to handle.

The Fascial Edge Tool Package

In order to provide you with the tools, method overviews and knowledge required to gain the benefits for your horse, we have developed The Fascial Edge Tool Package.

The Fascial Edge Tool Package can be used independently from any of our workshop or 1-to-1 training sessions and includes the following items:

• Training DVD
• Training Notes (inc. muscle diagrams, explanatory notes)
• The Fascial Edge Tool

Once you have ordered and received The Fascial Edge Tool Package you will quickly be able to use the methods and treatments described in the Training Notes and Training DVD to resolve many symptoms your horse exhibits. Regular use of your newly learned skills will ensure that your horse is in perfect shape and will help enhance their performance.